An act of philanthropy, Art of Giving connects students to the Indian ethos by engaging them along with others through “acts of giving” – giving money, time, resources and skills to the needy. Along with the students, “We Believe in Making a Difference”. We endeavor to reach out to the local communities and partner with them to support their aspirations and make them self reliant. This ensures that students will develop a strong bond and strive to strengthen the communities in which we live.

Our focus:

  • Formation of self help groups to impart education, food and clothing
  • Imparting livelihood and soft skills
  • Initiating health checkup and awareness programmes

We believe in sensitizing students to the feelings of others, from a young age to ensure that they become compassionate and empathetic adults. We believe in letting them learn for themselves, that the love for a fellow human being is the greatest of all. In this regard, we have actively and diligently taken up Community Service Initiatives.

  • Community Service Initiatives are unique opportunities whereby students decide voluntarily to contribute towards a better society and a cleaner environment. It is through these activities that true social investment shines through.
  • Students are involved in numerous community development projects falling on the International Day of Service, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Joy of Giving to name a few.


We have been progressing in our endeavor of not only bringing a Global dimension in our ethos but also embedding it through the curriculum by developing School partnerships, collaborative projects, and virtual classes with other International Schools. This venture is one more step in creating Global citizens who are aware of the Global issues besides gaining basic knowledge of the world around them. Global learning in a global context will foster:

  • Critical and creative thinking;
  • Self-awareness and empathy towards differences;
  • Understanding global issues and Optimism and action for a better world.

The concepts will inculcate knowledge of:

  • Global citizenship
  • Interdependence
  • Social justice
  • Conflict resolution
  • Diversity
  • Values and perceptions
  • Human rights
  • Sustainable development

To provide worldwide exposure to the students and teachers on International academia and explore the cross-cultural leadership style and management, students along with teachers are taken on international educational trips and tours to USA, UK, Singapore, China, Dubai etc. on a yearly basis, under the Global Immersion Programme. The students get an opportunity to understand the global educational patterns and syllabus, cross cultural students’ mindset and working on a global platform with peer groups from various countries.