Our Vision

Our Vision

To be amongst the leading Educational Groups of India

SAI International Group aspires to create a world class educational conglomerate focused on expanding the frontiers of academia, skills and mind-set through high-quality educational programs, international collaborations and a plethora of innovative practices. The group seeks to be a pioneer of new-age learning through pre-kindergarten to higher education, to become India’s #1 education house.

Our Mission

To create inspired, confident, knowledgeable and empathetic Global Leaders, for building a better tomorrow.

SAI is committed to build a better India through new-age education, deep rooted in the Indian value system. SAI equips aspiring leaders with the requisite skills to serve all sectors of society with conviction and humility, through a multi-faceted and holistic approach. The nurturing environment of SAI encourages exchange of thought-provoking ideas within an inter-dependent yet diverse community of faculty, staff, students and alumni.